Katherine Waller

Undergraduate Student Member

Katherine is a Junior in English with a concentration in Education at NC State. Katherine is an undergraduate member of the SMART Collaborative and she loves the mentorship-oriented attitude of the research team and assists the team in any way she can from preparing data sets and making PowerPoints to seeking first-hand engagement in local schools.  Katherine is involved in many aspects of campus; when she is not working with the SMART Collaborative, she is working at the Case Academic Support Program for Student Athletes. Ever since her arrival at NC State as a CHASS Dean’s Scholar, Katherine has worked for the NC State newspaper, The Technician, as a designer, staff reporter, and columnist. Katherine is a member of the University Scholars Program and the English Honors Program and always seeks educationally challenging and enriching opportunities.  Outside of The SMART Collaborative, Katherine endeavors to quench her travel bug sustained after a stint studying abroad in Italy. You can also find her at local school, Timber Drive Elementary, where she has formed and facilitates a newspaper written by students called The Timber Talker.