Erin Huggins, M.A.T.

Graduate Student Member

Erin Huggins is a Ph.D. student in Education Research and Policy Analysis (K-12) at North Carolina State University. She received her B.A in English Literature, her M.A.T. in Special Education (K-12), and she has over 12 years of combined teaching experience in public and private schools as well as abroad in Asia. Erin’s research interests include student assessment and achievement for general and special education (K-12), teacher quality and motivation in public schools, along with distance education, online learning, and education technology. As an elementary school teacher, Erin was nominated for Teacher of the Year twice and was top ten and top five nationally for Nobel Learning Communities.  She believes that all children have the capacity to learn and be successful, and she has a drive and passion to ensure the best possible educational outcomes for all students she serves. As a member of the SMART Collaborative, Erin brings a wealth of practical knowledge about classroom and teaching experiences. In her free time, Erin enjoys visiting museums and state parks with her two children, taking walks with her family, independent cinema & documentaries, aromatherapy, swimming, cooking, and playing tennis.