Lexi DeFalco

Undergraduate Student Member

Lexi is a freshman undergraduate member of the SMART Collaborative involved in the coordination of the materials needed for use in the classroom settings of the middle schools. She is majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Political Science. She plans to teach for a few years before returning to school to earn a law degree so she can advocate for education reform. Lexi is involved in many different organizations around campus including the Scholars Program, DanceLife, and an assortment of education related clubs. She also lives in the Students Advocating for Youth (SAY) village, which is an education village for Students Advocating for Youth. Each week she visits Fuller elementary school, where she is paired with a mentee for the entire year. As a hobby Lexi enjoys making candles. She donates the money made from the candles to a variety of charities that aim to provide school supplies and books to students.