Alex Olosu

Undergraduate Student Member

Alex Olosu is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science. He serves as a research assistant in The SMART Collaborative with a focus on data collection and dissemination. He also serves as a research assistant in the Applied Cognitive Psychology (ACP) Lab at NC State. His primary focus has been assessing the correlation between mind-wandering and a range of independently studied topics such as driving, sleep, and reading comprehension. His research passions center around understanding how people make sense of their (and others’) memberships in different socially constructed groups such as race, religion, and ethnicity. He aspires to pursue his doctorate in Psychology with a research emphasis on cognitive representations of race, trauma, and memory. Outside of his budding and ever-growing passion for research, he is an Artistic Director and Choreographer for Fusion Dance Crew at NC State, listens to podcasts, travels, and enjoys anything to do with soccer.