Lauren H. Bryant, Ph.D.

Director of Innovation and Evaluation

(Curriculum Vitae)

Lauren is the Director of Innovation and Evaluation with The SMART Collaborative and a Research Scholar at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State.  As a SMART Collaborative team member, she works to conceptualize and design motivation research and engages in data collection, analysis, and publication of findings in a manner that provides opportunities for growth for all team members.  She facilitates partnerships and research efforts with local educators and like-minded researchers.  Currently, she leads the PROMOT project, a collaboration with local educators to collect data on student motivation and use that data to make changes in classroom practice.  She is also leading the development of a framework applying a utilization focus to motivation research, in order to create one pathway for the field of motivation to demonstrate its relevance in education.  In her role at the Friday Institute, she is currently a project lead on the evaluation of the implementation of North Carolina’s Race to the Top grant, serves as a project manager on the North Carolina Digital Learning Plan project, and works with an interdisciplinary team at the Hunt Library on a project investigating interactive virtual learning environments in library settings.  Her background is in achievement motivation, individual differences, and educational research methodologies, including innovative evaluation methods such as scale and developmental evaluation.  Before coming to NC State, she received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Virginia Tech, where she also received her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.  Lauren enjoys yoga, walking her dogs, and North Carolina microbrews.